TEO BJJ is proud to support our local police officers and invite you to learn about the Adopt a Cop Program.  This non-profit, donation-based program allows officers to receive the training they need to keep them and you safe. 

This is the Mission from the Adopt A Cop BJJ program: 

“Being a police officer is one of the most selfless, dangerous and important jobs in the world today. Many people have called to defund the police, but we believe that is not the best solution being that law and order is absolutely necessary in order to have a safe and functional society. We believe more and better training is the solution to creating a resilient and more effective police force.

Often times police find themselves in combative situations that can turn deadly and during these times being the more skilled grappler can potentially save the lives of not only the officers but the suspects as well.

If police felt more confident in their abilities to control potentially combative situations, they would be less likely to draw their weapons out of fear for their own safety. 

Having the necessary skills in order to control the situation will lead to less opportunities for a combative situation to escalate by keeping suspects from getting to and gaining control of officer’s weapons and/or putting the officers in vulnerable positions where they feel the need to use deadly force.”

If you would like to sponsor a specific police officer or academy that can be arranged. Or if you would like to donate directly, please visit https://adoptacopbjj.org/pages/make-a-donation. 

Thank you to every law enforcement officer who puts his or her life on the line to keep the rest of us safe. Let us help them stay safe.

     ~Alan Teo, Head Professor, TEO BJJ