How Kickboxing can Change Your Body and Your Life

In this article in Time, kickboxing is noted as one of the best workouts – even for older people. Markhan Heid from Time states “To get better balance, power and agility, kickboxing is king among workouts.” Cardio and these high intensity intervals of training produce more power than brute strenght. Per Heid, “If you look at the research on high-intensity interval training [HIIT], you see these short, intense periods of activity can have big benefits,” he says. Some research shows that even very brief stretches—just 60 seconds—of HIIT can offer the same gains in heart and lung health as 45 minutes of less-intense exercise.” At Teo BJJ, we offer one of the best kickboxing classes in Northern New Jersey, as our experienced instructors will work alongside you to obtain your personal goals. Our classes are both challenging and inspiring.